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blinkies by jackie
Welcome to gallery and freebie community of jackie! I've been making blinkies for about two years now. It gets more fun every single day. :D A few things you should note:

→If a freebie says "open" you're welcome to request it!
→Anything that is open is requestable - don't worry about having just requested something - I DON'T CARE! :D If you want it, request it!
→I'm not kidding. Request. :D
→DO NOT HOTLINK. I often upload to my private server and then delete after everything is picked up. Hotlinking is a) a pain in my ass and b) totally useless because I delete everything.
→Credit "jackie @ leaky_blinks" or similar.
→Layout by blame.
{examples & links}
My entire gallery can be found HERE. All information on paid requests can be found HERE! Occasionally I'll offer gallery blinkies at the comm free of charge. :) Also, if you see your name on anything already, I have no problem with you saving them as long as you credit me (jackie @ leaky_blinks). :D

blinkies by sugardr0p