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10 August 2007 @ 07:56 pm

Hello and welcome to leaky_blinks! :D

Please feel free to join the community and start requesting some blinkies and glitters! :D

The rules are as follows:
→ Anything that is listed as "OPEN" is available to be requested! :D
→ DO NOT HOTLINK. If I find out you're hotlinking, you'll be banned before the ink is dry. Srsly. It's just not cool, man.
→ Requests will get done as quickly as possible. However, I do have a life and a job, so there may be times when they don't get done as quickly as you'd like. Please try to understand that!
→ Rudeness will not be tolerated. I am not afraid to banninate. :D
→ And the most important one - HAVE FUN. :) Blinkies are fun. They're not srs bznss. Let's not make them so, mmkay? :D


→Wanna affiliate? Comment here! :D
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04 November 2007 @ 11:47 am

A few questions have come up, so I thought I'd address them here. :D

FAQCollapse )

If you have any questions you think I should add here, please let me know! :D
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